Badland Brawl For PC – Download And Install (Trailer)

How to play

How to play Badland Brawl on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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A Quest for Destruction

Similar to Angry Birds, Badland Brawl is another game that lets players launch attacks from a slingshot. However, this title from Frogmind is unique in its own way. It is a PvP game that lets you challenge real people. The goal is to level your enemy’s tower, all while attempting to stop your opponent from doing the same. You do this by hurling a horde of crazy critters, explosives and other destructive projectiles at the enemy tower. Your units have to bring the entire three-story structure down in 3 minutes. You can still win the brawl by bringing down more floors before the time limit expires. The battles in Badland Brawl on PC are full of chaos but you are in for a fun clash. Duels will take you to dozens of badlands and you can even join or form a tribe to participate in 2v2 brawls.

Plenty of Destructive Units

In Badland Brawl, those quirky units you deploy from that slingshot contraption are called clones. You can deploy a flock of explosive birds, blast rockets, spider bombs, and so much more. There are more than two dozen of them to choose from and each one serves a specific purpose. Clones also belong to a specific tier. You can only take 8 types of clone units to battle. Initially, you only get the common blue cards with Primal clones. Evolved and Mythical clones with orange and purple cards respectively become available as you win and hatch more eggs. These rare units can deal spectacular damage to enemy towers. But, even the basic Primal clones can form a formidable team once upgraded.

Physics-based Gameplay

Playing Badland Brawl on PC or your preferred mobile platform of choice can be fun, but it is also challenging. You can’t rely on luck to win brawls. The physics-based gameplay requires a bit of skill to master. You need to use the right angle and adequate amount of pull on the slingshot to deploy clones effectively. It takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, brawling can be fun and addictive.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Badlands Brawl on PC

• Practice Before Competing in PvP Brawls
Badland Brawl offers an offline practice mode that can help you learn the game’s basic mechanics. Losing to the AI opponent won’t result in your trophies being deducted. The practice mode is the best place to improve your style of play. You can test out new clones before heading to battle or try launching different clone to see which combos work well.

• Upgrade Your Clones
Use coins to buy upgrades for your clones to make them stronger. You can expect more hitpoints, sling distance, speed, mass, explosion force, tower damage and other boosts for your clones if you upgrade them.

• Defend Your Tower
Don’t just focus on mounting a fierce offense in Badland brawls. Make sure to defend your fortress as well. Use the king at the top of your tower to hit incoming bombs and clones with his crossbow to neutralize or mitigate attacks. Study all the clones to find out which ones are the best to thwart enemy attacks.

• Leverage Combo Attacks
Badland brawls is a very combo-intensive game. You can use a combination of clones to trigger a chain of reactions. For example, after launching a plain bomb, push it with a blasting rocket or have Big Smith pound it into the enemy tower. Experiment with different clone units to discover which combos you can use.


About Badland Brawl:

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