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How to play Ayuwoki: The Game on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Horror Escape Inspired by Michael Jackson’s Meme

Stromper, the game publisher, is behind a new horror escape room title known as Ayuwoki: The Game. It’s very similar to a previous release called Trapped. However, this time players get a new exterior map and a small twist in the theme. The Ayuwoki will be after you. “What is that?” you ask. Well, Ayuwoki is a Spanish creepypasta modeled after Michael Jackson’s meme. So, legend has it that his ghost appears in people’s rooms late at night. Furthermore, the satiric word Ayuwoki has intentional misspelling to mean “Annie, are you okay?” from Michael Jackson’s hit song, Smooth Criminal.

So, now you know where the publishers behind this game get their inspiration. They bring back the King of Pop to life to haunt horror escape fans. Therefore, you will encounter his cryptid quite a lot when playing Ayuwoki for PC or the default android version.

Escape the Haunted House

The plot in Ayuwoki: The Game introduces us to an intrepid character who gets wind of a house where people say strange things have been happening inside. So, he decides to investigate by going into the mysterious structure. A bold move indeed, but one that ends up trapping the inquisitive character in the haunted house. As a result, the game challenges you to escape this dark, creepy dwelling where the Ayuwoki lurks in the shadows, hunting for those who dare to step into his lair.

Simple Controls & Horror Theme

Playing Ayuwoki for PC or mobile is easy thanks to simple controls. You have two buttons only to use during gameplay. One helps your character to move around from one room to another. On the other hand, there is a control for interacting with objects, which will allow you to open doors, pick up items, and so on.

When it comes to the theme, Stromper Games got the graphics right. You will be looking for a way out of dark, eerie rooms and sometimes hear spine-chilling sounds and whispers in the background. Also, the frightening way that the creepy Ayuwoki creeps up on you never gets old and is sure to startle you each time you get caught.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Ayuwoki for PC

  • Resume Play by Watching an Ad

Figuring a way out of the haunted rooms that you find yourself trapped in takes time because there is so much to explore. For instance, maybe you will discover a key somewhere, which door it opens, along with other useful objects hidden in places that are not easy to access. Unfortunately, clicking ‘try again’ after getting caught will force you to start the level from scratch. Instead, click on the video icon with a label stating ‘continue from here’ next to it. Doing so will allow you to resume playing from where you left off. Therefore, make sure to use this trick since it will save you the frustration of trying to remember your way through challenges and puzzles that you initially solved.

  • Interact with Objects

Besides moving between rooms and through hallways, searching for items to use is one of the strategic moves that you need to employ if you want to escape out of the haunted house. You will find different kinds of objects that some use. For example, there are keys that open doors, a lever that fixes the broken phonograph to play distracting music as you try to escape your captor, and so on. Therefore, prepared to open drawers, pick up items from the floor, and interact with all kinds of objects within the vicinity.

You will also come across many items that require a missing piece that you have to look for in the haunted house. The game lets you know what you need to search for via text tips that pop-up on the screen. Once you pick up an item, its icon will appear on the top left side of your screen. You can tap the object to find out what it does or how to use it.

  • Adjust Camera Sensitivity

Ayuwoki: The Game has very intuitive controls. While this makes it easy to play, you may have trouble with the picture as you move the character. In case you experience diff iculty looking around, adjust the camera sensitivity from the settings menu.

  • Keep Your Eyes Peeled and Ears Alert!

Lastly, keep in mind that Ayuwoki: The Game will test your senses. Therefore, you have to be very keen. Keep your eyes open for shadows and the creepy antagonist who is out to get you. Additionally, listen carefully for any footsteps and get away from such sounds as quickly as possible to avoid capture.


About Ayuwoki: The Game:

Ayuwoki: The Game is the rebooted version of Trapped from Stromper Games, which treats gaming fans to a horror escape room experience where Michael Jackson's meme is the antagonist. You jump into the adventure as a curious character that goes into a haunted house despite widespread rumors about the strange things that happen there. After ending up trapped inside with the Auyowoki, you now have to escape or end up captive. Players get to tread through dark, creepy rooms trying to find a way out. Overall, the experience is both spine-chilling and thrilling, especially if you are an avid fan of escape room games.

Developer: Stromper Games
Download: Android or iOS

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