Awakening of Heroes: 5v5 MOBA on PC (Windows/Mac)

How to play

How to play Awakening of Heroes 5v5 MOBA on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Awakening of Heroes 5v5 MOBA Apk from the Store.
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Download, Install and Play Awakening of Heroes 5v5 MOBA on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.


Unique MOBA Game

You can now play Awakening of Heroes on PC to fully enjoy COFA Games’ exciting title, which comes replete with hilarious themes. In case you are wondering what makes this game worth playing, you’ve come to the right place since this post will highlight everything you need to know.

First, let’s delve into what this MOBA is all about. As expected from a typical multiplayer battle arena game, Awakening of Heroes pits two teams against each other in high-octane 10-minute matches. You will team up with friends or strangers to face opponents from all over the world in real-time. What’s more, the goal is to destroy the enemy base and take down defensive towers on a 3-lane battlefield.  You can also team up to challenge a big boss in a ‘capture the flag’ brawl.

Unlike other MOBAs, Awakening of Heroes features some RPG and battle royale elements that set it apart from the crowd.  For instance, you take on the role of heroes who live in a fairytale town. These characters have very intriguing personalities and backgrounds that will make you laugh. As the matches start, the heroes also parachute into the arena with a hand glider, much like what happens in battle royales.


Wacky Hero Roster

Heroes are the heart and soul of this game. When it comes to character options, you will have quite an amusing roster to choose from, with each hero capable of using unique weapons and wacky power-ups. For instance, you can play as a bingo champion granny who throws steaming hot meat balls at rivals. There is also a hammer wielding mime that goes to battle with a parrot on her shoulder. The list of heroes doesn’t end there. It goes on to include a fat magician, painter, prankster, pickpocket, and so much more.

Generally, AOH (Awakening of Heroes) offers six character classes. These include the tank, mage, assassin, marksman, support, and fighter. Each category of heroes also has a unique combat style. For example, there are those who strike from a distance, others attack within close range, while some focus on assisting their comrades in battle. Therefore, take the time to explore and find a hero class that best suits your strategy or gameplay style.


Card Collection System

Another dimension to playing Awakening of Heroes on PC or mobile is that you can collect and upgrade cards to enhance your battle warriors. Each time you win matches, a random draw takes place. The victory deck will unveil every card you’ve won one-by-one. So, you never know what types of cards to expect until they are revealed, which adds an element of suspense and anticipation.

There are all sorts of cards in AOH. For instance, some will improve damage and speed for your heroes or offer powerful items. On the other hand, you can acquire cards that boost defenses with quirky armor choices like a chicken breast, soda can ring, and so on.

Tips for Playing Awakening of Heroes: MOBA 5v5 on PC

  • Let Minions Shield Your Hero

Like in any other MOBA, enemy towers in Awakening of Heroes fire automatically when your team approaches to attack. Therefore, a smart strategy is to let your minions lead and draw fire away from the main hero who can then focus on taking down the tower. You will also see a circle around the towers when approaching. That is the firing range of the tower. It changes color from orange to green, with the latter meaning it is safe to advance without incurring tower damage to your hero.

  • Plant Traps

As you collect gold in the arena, you can use it to buy weaponized plants. These biological weapons do a variety of things. For instance, some plants heal your hero while others shoot, deploy a trap, or serve as a decoy. Therefore, place them in the arena tactically to surprise your enemies or secure your position.

  • Grab the Bomb

From time-to-time, you will encounter enemy minions that carry a bomb. By defeating the bomber, you can take possession of the explosive, run to the enemy tower, and destroy it with a slam dunk or touchdown style.

  • Avoid Being Slain

Every hero in this game has a limited life, so your character can die. Although you respawn after being taken down by an opposing enemy, it is essential to stay alive as long as possible. The reason for that is because the opposing side can do a lot of damage or get time to regroup in the few seconds it takes to resurrect and march up the battle arena lanes to rejoin the fight.

With that in mind, avoid suicide missions. You can always retreat to restore HP at a healing station or to rejoin your minions when your hero is taking a lot of damage.


About Awakening of Heroes: MOBA 5v5:

Step into the world of AOH (Awakening of Heroes) to play one of the most hilarious 5v5 MOBAs yet. Wacky characters and power-ups will have you laughing even as two teams clash, demolish, and strive to outwit each other in battle. In this creation from COFA Games, you will also be able to make use of a wide range of strategies thanks to the different hero classes that will be at your disposal. There are cards to collect, items to earn, deadly plant traps to set, and powerful skills to unleash on opponents. And, the best part is that you compete with players from all over the world in real-time.
Developer: COFA Games
Download: Android or iOS

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