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How to play Awakening of Dragon on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
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Save Arcus

If you are looking for an MMORPG with a rich fantasy background, intricate storytelling, mythical creatures, and quests that have your character hack & slash through hordes of enemies, (AOD) Awakening of Dragon for PC and Mobile might be worth trying. Efun Company limited, the publishers of this game, are also behind other successful titles like Armored God, Tales of Erin, and Mirage Memorial Global.

In this particular release, you enter into the world of Arcus, a protected realm where humans, elves, and dwarves live in peace. The 7 Divine Dragons ripped through space and time to reach this harmonious land, which now serves as the last hope. However, it came at a cost after the dragons nearly suffered complete annihilation in a war with the demons, which took place 2,000 years ago. Unfortunately, Arcus is on the brink of plunging into darkness. For some unknown reason, the power of the Divine Dragons began to diminish over time.

Consequently, the demonic hordes are now able to travel through the hole in space and have decided to wage war on this land. But, legend has it that a chosen one will arise to possess the Dragon Crystals, awaken the Dragon Soul, and defeat the demon horde. And, that’s where your adventure in this game begins. You will embrace the call of ‘chosen one’ in a bid to save Arcus and bring peace back to the land.

Hack & Slash Through Demons

When you start to take on quests in Awakening of Dragon, you will find different missions broken down into chapters. As such, the story will unfold more as you play, approach NPCs, and fight different types of demon bosses along with their low-level minions. What’s more, for every slain enemy, you collect treasure chests and coins as rewards.

One of the unique aspects of the combat style is that you can transform into a dragon to dispatch powerful enemies. The transition features high-end animations, and you also get an entirely different set of skills in your new form.

However, you have to free a dragon from the crystalline bonds before you can inherit its divine power. Generally, the game features seven dragons associated with fire, ice, dark, light, space, time, and life.

In the different quests, you will go about collecting divine crystals for all the dragons. It is an essential part of the game because without these precious gems, transformations will not be possible. Once you gather them up and absorb the dragon crystals, you will activate the dragon soul.

Whether you choose to play Awakening of Dragon for PC or mobile, the game offers an intense multiplayer battle experience on any device. You can even take part in cross-server wars against other factions.

Select a Favorite Character Class

As with most MMORPGs, AOD offers different types of heroes to play as, all of which have a unique combat style. As of this writing, the game currently has three character classes. You can play as the sword-wielding warrior who is a melee type of fighter with high HP. On the other hand, the mage may have lower survival and defense stats but deals the most damage. Finally, you can choose to fight as the archer, a very agile unit that goes to war with the bow & arrow.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Awakening of Dragon on PC

  • Claim Free Bound Diamonds

Besides completing quests in the various chapters of this game, there are other ways to get free bound diamonds. For instance, this will be part of the login rewards, which you can claim for free every day by just loading the game and connecting to the server. There are also more free b. diamonds for the taking when your character reaches a particular level-up requirement. Additionally, other ways to get more of this precious resource as a bonus include finishing the Dragon Trials and the 7-day kickoff quests. The latter event also comes with a free mount, which your character can ride instead of traversing Arcus on foot.

  • Level Up Skills

One of the features in this game is the ability to level up skills. The skill you upgrade will receive a boost in DMG and power. As a result, it will become more effi cient and help you to take down foes a lot faster.  For convenience, choose the ‘quick upgrade’ option, and the skill you are upgrading will level up instantly.

  • Equip New Gear

You will gather plenty of equipment while completing quests. For example, you can earn outfit rewards like helmets and armor. Other times, your hero can receive a sword or new weapon for completing a mission. Make sure to equip your new gear and try it out in battle because many of them enhance your attack or defense stats.

  • Join a Guild

Joining a guild is another way to expand the gameplay content that Awakening of Dragon has to offer. Therefore, consider collaborating with an active group to get extra perks. For instance, you can publish wishes in the guild wishing well to ask for cards that you want and get a great number of guild points after giving cards to your guildmates to help them realize their wishes. Once you achieve this goal, you will be able to get free b. diamonds in exchange for guild points.


About Awakening of Heroes:

Awakening of Heroes (AOD) is an MMORPG from Efun Games, where you take on the role of a chosen hero to save the land of Arcus from a demonic apocalypse. Besides having stunning graphics and animations, the game also treats players with an immersive experience with subtitled voiceovers as well as cross-server wars. As such, you can follow the rich storyline with great ease and engage in epic battles. With auto-battle mode, playing the game is also quite easy even for beginners. You can disable this feature as well if you are looking for a challenge and take on foes manually. The icing on the cake is the ability to turn into a dragon as you take on waves of demon enemies. Answer the call of fate and help the seven divine dragons to banish all evil from Arcus and make it a peaceful realm once again.

Developer: Efun Company/ Efun Games ltd
Download: Android or iOS

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