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Action Packed MMORPG

If you are a big fan of massive multiplayer role-playing games, then you might want to check out a new and exciting edition from X-Legend Entertainment titled Aura Kingdom 2. For fans of the franchise, the good news is that this time, the sequel will feature a new storyline set in the medieval times. The game takes place in the magical world of Ramayan. In this realm, disaster has struck, so humans and other species are under the threat of extinction. You answer the call to collect different spirits and complete quests listed in the Book of Ramayan, a monster codex containing locations of enemies you have to face in battle.

Playing the game is quite simple, thanks to the auto-path feature. There is also a quest-list on the upper left portion of your screen, which makes it easy to find out what you are currently doing in the game.

Besides quests that involve fighting, the great thing about this game is that it has a career system as well. You unlock three life skills, namely fishing, cooking, and mining, at levels 20, 30, and 35, respectively. Spending your time on these activities will earn you various rewards. For example, you can mine for attack and defense stones, fish for treasures, or prepare many recipes to get a boost in stats.

Diverse Character Class System

The first thing you do before embarking on your adventure in Aura Kingdom 2 is to choose a character. Currently, there are four hero archetypes to choose from, each one offering a unique combat style. Keep in mind, though, more could be added in the future. However, we will focus on the player classes that are available as of this review so that you can know what to expect when you start playing.

First up, there is the Nymph, which is the ranger class in the game. Although this character has low defensive stats, she can deal high damage from a distance. Note that this is the only category that comes in one gender.

Up next, there is the Shinobi, a dual-wielding sword-master who also specializes in poisons. With this character, you can deal high damage and critical hits in both PvP and PvE battles.

Then, there is Elementalist, which specializes in magic spells. Think of this class as the mage class of the game. You can deal high AoE (area of effect) damage from a distance when playing this role. As a result, Elementalists excel at crowd control. What’s more, they support teammates with their healing abilities.

And, last but not least we have the spear/halberd wielding Dragoon, which is the tank class that calls forth the essence of dragons. They have high HP to absorb damage from enemies but can also unleash decent amounts of damage.

Once you select a character, you can customize the appearance by choosing facial attributes, hairstyle & color, and skin complexion. Don’t forget to tweak your face & accessories and wings as well.

Collect Spiritual Guides

Eidolons will also make a comeback in this sequel. For the uninitiated, these are spiritual guides in the world of Aura Kingdom that fight alongside you during battles. You can assemble up to five Eidolons in your team, depending on your preferences or play style. The one you select first will always tag along everywhere you go, while the rest randomly emerge to help you in battle.

Fortifying your spiritual guides will increase their stats, thereby improving performance in battle. Besides fighting monsters together, you can also create special bonds with your Eidolons. Giving them gifts and answering questions will increase your aff inity to them as well.

There are a couple of ways to obtain Eidolons. Firstly, some are given for free after you complete quests. Secondly, you can roll the gacha, which guarantees you to get either an SR or SSR Eidolon for every ten draws.

Immersive Gameplay Experience

If you are looking for an MMORPG that delivers an immersive gameplay experience, you can count on Aura Kingdom 2 for that. You get to explore a massive fantasy world filled with forests, wetlands, and plains. The realistic 3D graphics, battle animations, and background music are fantastic. And, once you unlock wings, your character can take to the sky and get a birdseye view of Ramayan. You will also encounter lots of magical creatures and even unlock cute pet mounts to ride across the enhanced lands.

With PvP quests, you can test your battle skills against real players from all over the world. Alternatively, the guild system lets fans of the game form groups, socialize, and explore Ramayan together.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Aura Kingdom 2 for PC

  • Progress Through Main Quests

Completing quests in the campaign mode will grant you EXP and various resources like equipment, Eidolon items, and so much more. Therefore, focus on these first to level up and increase your character’s strength in the game.

  • Don’t Forget Extra Quests

There are plenty of extra missions in Aura Kingdom 2 that can help you collect even more resources like precious stones and weapons. For instance, these include side quests, achievement challenges, and party raids. Additionally, make sure to visit the Events tab, where you will find Dungeon, Bounty, Commission Quests, and a lot more.

  • Claim Login Rewards

Even when you don’t have time to complete a few quests, the act of just logging into Aura Kingdom 2 allows you to collect daily rewards. Make sure to claim these free resources because they will go a long way in helping you buy upgrades to improve your game.

  • Manage Your Gear

Another essential skill to master in this game is gear management. You will collect lots of equipment after completing quests. However, it only makes sense to equip and keep the best items. You can check what you have in the inventory bag at any time. Red arrows indicate gear that you can get rid of in one of two ways. Selling unwanted equipment gets you gold. On the other hand, salvaging it will reward you with alloy, which you can then use later on to fuse equipment.


About Aura Kingdom 2

Aura Kingdom 2 is an MMORPG that lets you explore the fantasy world of Ramayan. It is a follow up to the widely successful namesake title. However, this sequel comes with a new storyline that you can learn about as you complete quests. There are different character archetypes to choose from, and you get to collect spiritual guides called Eidolons. The open game world features picturesque landscapes that you can explore on foot, while riding cute mounts, or flying with majestic wings. Between the dynamic combat battles, life skills system, guilds, and PvP Events, this game has a lot of content to keep you busy.

Developer: X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Download: Android or iOS

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