Astracraft for PC – Download And Install Using Simple Steps

Epic Mechanized Combat

NetEase is known for publishing top-notch games, and Astracraft, one of their releases in the adventure category, is no exception. In this mobile multiplayer game, you will get a chance to build customized combat vehicles and use them to fight other players in epic showdowns of mechanical might.

Astracraft lets you invent your dream battle machine using both modern & futuristic weapons. Building these battle-bots is not only fun but also provides an opportunity to test the limits of your imagination.

The workshop is where all builds come to life. After choosing a core, you assemble the chassis of your ARM using white cubes. Next, you add some wheels (or robotic legs) for navigation.

Lastly, equip the build with all kinds of weaponry to make it battle-ready. For example, you can focus on long-ranged combat by building a tank-like vehicle with rocket launchers, plasma guns, or automatic rifles, clad complete with protective shields. Alternatively, you could design a spike-studded wrecking ball that leaves a trail of destruction if you are more of a melee kind of fighter. With a plethora of modules to choose from and infinite combinations, no two ARMs will be alike.

High-Octane Vehicular Combat

The gameplay in Astracraft mainly involves blasting other opponents in the arena. You can use a wide variety of weapons to rain hellfire on your enemies from either the skies or through ground assaults. Each weaponry offers its own control scheme, so be prepared to master different playstyles.

Besides unleashing a flurry of attacks, being able to navigate on battlegrounds where danger and obstacles lurk in every corner is the key to survival. You can customize your ARM with innovative modules that incorporate the use of hydraulic jumps and even grappling hooks to move around quickly and make it hard for opponents to pin you down.

Multiple Game Modes

When it comes to game modes, Astracraft has a lot to offer. If you want to enjoy a sandbox-box experience while exploring a vast open game world, try out the battle royale quests. Multiple players duke it out for the title of last ARM standing. Opponents start with a bare-bones chassis and have to upgrade their builds as they discover more powerful weapons in the arena.

The Infinite Arena and King of the Hill provide a free-for-all kind of MOBA experience with fast respawns, where two teams fight for control of a central area.

In race mode, you develop your own circuit and cruise to the finish line while collecting ammo boxes and fuel along the way. As mayhem unfolds on the road, speed and strategy are the keys to winning.

Other gameplay options include the solo wonder, party, rumble, and storm modes. Make sure to play all of them to gather more resources and raise your season pass level.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Astracraft on PC

• Play All Module Trial Levels First

When you begin to play Astrafact, the Module Trial mode is the only one that will be available. It has a total of 24-stages, but once players complete the first stage, they can jump into the arena right away.

Although the thrill of besting real opponents can be enticing, it is prudent to clear all levels in the module trial first. There are a couple of benefits you can expect from taking this approach. For starters, this mode is essentially the game’s tutorial. Besides teaching you the basic controls and how to assemble battle-bots, you will have plenty of opportunities to test your skills and gain some experience before jumping into the deep end of combat. Secondly, other game modes will unlock after you clear stages within the module trial.

• Protect the Core

When building your battle-bots, always remember that the core is the most crucial part. If hit, your entire ARM goes down. Therefore, try as much as possible to tuck away the heart of your battle machine deep enough to avoid the risk of being destroyed with ease.

Other components just come off after taking damage. As such, they can provide a buffer for your ARM core.

• Repair Your ARM

Despite taking damage from enemy fire, you can still take a few seconds to repair your ARM even as fighting goes on. A more risky but gutsy move is to have the core move out of the entire build. Although it would be extremely vulnerable in this state, the plus side is that it is tiny, hard to hit, and fast, thus making it possible to get away and then quickly return to your ARM to repair it.

• Experiment with All Modules

As you continue to design and modify your ARMs, some modules will appeal to you more than others. However, there is a lot to discover if you keep experimenting.

Cloaking devices, grappling hooks, holographic decoys, smoke bombs, mine layers, radars, and more, there are plenty of modules to tinker with and make your builds better. Some work exceptionally on their own, while others provide the best leverage in combination with specific weapons or tactics.

Don’t feel intimidated to use new parts because you can check descriptions of each module you want to equip. So, let that imagination run wild and create some of the most ingenious battle machines to grace the arena.

How to play

How to play Astracraft on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Astracraft Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Astracraft on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Astracraft:

Astracraft is a real-time sandbox & combat game that takes vehicular combat to a whole new level. Players get the chance to build battle-bots equipped with weapons before taking each other on in epic sci-fi-inspired clashes. The interface for creating battle machines is intuitive and provides plenty of room to explore endless possibilities. From mechas to space ships and more, the builds that you can create in this game can only be limited by your imagination. Competitions take many different forms such as battle royales, capture the flag matches, MOBA quests, and even combat racing. Overall, Astracraft offers an experience like no other. To it on your PC, follow the steps shared in this guide.

Developer: NetEase Games
Download: Android or iOS

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