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How to play

How to play Assassin Hunter on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
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Download, Install and Play Assassin Hunter on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

Eliminate Enemies with Stealth

Assassin Hunter for PC and mobile is a fun action game where you get to be an unseen assailant picking off enemies one at a time. In the arena, you will find armed men roaming around with flashlights. They will shoot you if you get spotted. However, your objective is to eliminate every last one of them.

For some reason, the gunmen keeping guard can only see where the light shines. As a result, you can easily sneak up from behind to take them out quietly with a knife.

Some parts of the battleground remain pitch black, which may explain why the enemies are unable to see you lurking in the shadows. On the other hand, other sections depict a maze layout, providing lots of hiding spots to mount surprise attacks on your foes.

Unlock More Assassins

Whether you choose to install Assassin Hunter for PC or the default android version, the game controls work well on any device. Taping or clicking the screen is how you instruct your character to move from one point to another. What’s more, performing the same action on the enemy is how you initiate an attack.

Although the gameplay mechanics are easy to learn, you will face an increasing number of enemies as the game progresses. Consequently, the game features an option to recruit assassin with different attributes to help you adapt to different situations. For instance, there are ten regular hunters you can unlock. Each one, obtained via a random gacha mechanism, costs gems. The hunters also fall into two categories. Some move faster and can come with 10, 20, 30, or 40 percent more speed. On the other hand, the rest of the hunters offer 20, 40, 60, or 80 percent more health.

Collect Cash Rewards

For every level you clear, you collect a cash reward. Additionally, there is a large payout at every tenth level, where you take on shiny enemies. You can expect to collect up to 300-gems upon completion.

Besides level rewards, you can get even more in-game currency by completing quests that pop-up on the home screen. Objectives for these missions keep on changing each time you accomplish one. For example, the goals would challenge you to complete a level without taking damage, eliminate x number of targets, clear x number of levels, finish a level without being spotted, collect x number of gems, and so on.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Assassin Hunter for PC

  • Take Advantage of Ad Boosts

It is common for free-to-play games to have ads, and Assassin Hunter is no exception. However, you can take advantage of different bonuses by watching advertisement clips in between missions. For instance, the home menus offer you the chance to watch an ad and get 200 gems, whereas the recruitment screen will reward you with 250 in-game currency for doing the same. You can also watch four clips to unlock the premium hunters/assassins.

It is essential to take advantage of every opportunity to get as many gems as possible because prices for recruiting the high-stat assassins tend to increase exponentially each time you unlock a new hunter. For instance, the first recruit only costs 1,000 gems, but the prices go up to 5,000 and 10,000 to buy the second and third regular assassins. As stated earlier, the prices will keep going up. Therefore, getting freebie coins through ads will spare you the hustle of grinding through dozens of levels to earn enough gems for upgrades.

  • Lure Targets into the Maze

Although avoiding detection is the typical way to play Assassin Hunter, doing the opposite can be a smart tactic as well. You can walk to the very edge of a flashlight range for one of the enemies to spot you then run toward the maze-like section of the arena. While you risk getting shot, this will lure your target where there are multiple paths and hiding spots, which can work to your advantage if you sneak up from behind for the kill. Just make sure not to trap yourself in a dead-end. Keep in mind also that this would not be the best strategy if you are trying to reach mission goals like clearing a level without being seen or getting shot.

  • Strike at the Right Time

When you eliminate one guard in Assassin Hunter, this will alert any others who are nearby to rush toward your location. Therefore, the best strategy is to take apart the armed men one-by-one. If multiple targets cluster up in a group, bide your time and start to strike once they disperse. Exercise patience at every step of the way because there is no pressure of a countdown timer that you have to beat.

  • Be Selective with Assassins

Finally, make sure to choose an assassin or hunter that will be suitable for the mission objective at hand. For instance, if the bonus challenge is to finish a level without getting spotted, then you will need a hunter that is fast on the feet. Therefore, that means one with high-speed stats. On the other hand, hunters with high health will allow you to keep going for longer despite taking damage, especially in the later stages where you have to take on a large number of enemies.


About Assassin Hunter:

Assassin Hunter is a hyper-casual game where you get to eliminate armed enemies one at a time using stealth. When playing, you tap or click the location where you want your assassin to move or select the target that you want to eliminate. Complete with maze sections where you can hide, the arena allows you to employ tactical gameplay as well. There are lots of levels to clear, and you get to build a roster of hunters along the way. If you crave for a quick game that you can play and have fun taking on simple challenges that require a bit of precision and strategy, then Assassin Hunter is worth a try.

Developer: DJ_GAME_DEV2020s
Download: Android or iOS

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