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RTS Warfare Game

Babil Games partnered with Kixeye to create a similar version of War Commander: Rogue Assault customized for the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. And, if you are wondering what we are talking about, it is Asefat Al-Harb for PC and mobile, which has now come out after months in the making.

As expected, this is a massive multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) game with base management elements. Therefore, you will be in charge of an army, controlling soldiers, tanks, helicopters, and armored cars. As the commander, you will lead your platoon in a war-torn world with the sole intention of crushing rivals.

You can also fight real players from all around the world, one-on-one in the PvP mode. However, players begin taking on the AI opponents in the campaign battles before the other modes get to unlock.

Whatever mode you play, the rules remain the same. Always remember that this game is a battle for supremacy and control of resources like oil and metal. So, you have to crush all enemies and stop at nothing to achieve this goal.

Besides taking part in the war, the other side of the game is building your base of operations. As a result, you have to equip it with vital military installations to fend of attacks from other players.

3D War Experience

When you jump in on the action, Asefat Al-Harb does not disappoint because it treats players to an immersive experience with full 3D graphics. So, the game simulates the sights and sounds of a war zone with great realism.

What’s more, there are plenty of effects that make this game adrenaline-pumping to play. For instance, the sound of gunfire rents the air when your tactical units stop moving to take out hostile targets. There are also the spectacular flaming dust explosions that amp up the excitement when things blow up.

Playing the game is very simple because you take on the role of a tactician. The troops move automatically to any area of the map that you touch or instruct them to go. Since players are in full control, there is plenty of room for planning and strategizing, which makes Asefat Al-Harb even more fun to play.

Co-op Gameplay

Another mode in this game is the Warzones. Once you unlock it, you can form alliances and wage war against other factions. However, it takes unity to win these high-octane multiplayer battles. Therefore, be prepared to fight alongside comrades. As a reward for clearing out the rogue factions, your alliance will take control of strategic areas to assert their superiority in this devastated world war III realm.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Asefat Al-Harb on PC

  • Mount a Flank Attack

Whether you choose to play Asefat Al-Harb for PC or using your mobile device, the game gives you free rein on where to deploy units. Although you could always go all in from the front, a flank attack is the best way to take your enemies by surprise. Therefore, always take a moment to study the map before you deploy your troops. Ideally, look for hidden paths that may allow you to sneak up on the enemies from the rear or flanks where there are no defensive walls.

  • Repair Platoons

After carrying out several missions, your troops will incur some damage from enemy fire. Fortunately, spending oil will restore the platoon to full health. All you have to do is use the repair function before deploying your troops for a new mission.

  • Build a Stronger Platoon

The missions in this game keep getting more challenging, so you should make every effort to make your platoon stronger. In line with this goal, recruit more troops or acquire new equipment. Remember also to upgrade your soldiers and battle gear using the blueprint cards.

  • Claim Your Rewards

There are some key objectives that the game challenges you to accomplish in exchange for free loot. So, make sure to focus your efforts on achieving these goals. Additionally, claim your daily crates for more free rewards.

  • Keep Building

It is essential to keep building and upgrading military installations because that will eventually level up your command center. Leveling up also opens up the ability to buy better upgrades.


About Asefat Al-Harb:

If you are looking for a massive multiplayer war game with base building and real-time strategy (RTS) gameplay, then make sure to check out Asefat Al-Harb. For those who have played War Commander: Rogue Assault, this is the same game, only that it the Arabic version for players in the MENA region. As such, you can expect a fully immersive 3D war experience when it comes to the combat action. You will be in control of ground troops, tanks, and military choppers. Be prepared to face enemies with similar power and battle it out for supremacy. What’s more, there is a base to build and alliances that you can join.

Developer: Babil Games LLC
Download: Android or iOS

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