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From the Makers of Dota 2

More than five years on since the release of Dota 2, the Valve Corporation has shown that they still know how to develop awesome games. Their latest release, Artifact the digital card game, is a testament to this fact. The legendary card game designer, Richard Garfield, was also part of the development team. Much like his other card game, Magic: The Gathering, Artifact pits two players against each other on a three-lane playing field. There is one tower on each lane. Destroying two of them exposes the Enemy Ancient and earns you victory. Players take turns deploying different cards until they reach the main goal. Artifact on PC Windows, Mac and Linux came out late 2018 and the game will be coming to mobile this year.

Plenty of Cards to Play

Artifact is not a free-to-play game. The initial purchase (which is currently $20) comes with 228 cards in total. This is further broken down to 12 decks comprising of various cards. Hero cards launch assaults while at the same time protecting your towers. You can equip heroes with special abilities, weapons, and armor using item or spell cards for the cost of mana. The cards you can play will also depend on a color-coding system. For instance, you will need a green hero in a lane to play a card of that color. While heroes can die, they respawn on the board and cost no mana to deploy.

A Game of Strategic Thinking

A game of Artifact on PC can be very rewarding to anyone who enjoys a good mental challenge. Picking which lanes to deploy heroes and spreading out colors is a balancing act. Make any mistakes in how you position cards or deploy decks and the game can be quite punishing. You have to constantly think multiple moves down the line and make strategic decisions to outmaneuver your opponent.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Artifact on PC

  • Download the Companion App

There are many ways you can learn how to play Artifact the card game. If you are looking for an interactive way to learn about this game, then make sure to download the companion app developed by Med ABDE studio. At the tap of a screen, you will be able to load a list of all cards. The companion app even has complete descriptions of items, abilities, creeps, improvements, and everything there is to know about the game.

  • Associate Card Colors with Playstyle

An offensive onslaught is best carried out with red heroes, which are known to have the strongest stats. Black cards can earn you a lot of gold for buying more items to buff up your heroes. Blues put powerful AoE spells at your disposal. Green cards generate more mana, allowing you to deploy large card units known as creeps. Just remember, each of the four card colors in Artifact can support a given style of play.

  • Shop Wisely

During the shopping phase in Artifact, players can use gold loot to buy cards that appear in their respective decks. The items you purchase can turn the tide of a match or reinforce your dominance. So, spend your hard-earned gold on items that will either help you mount a comeback or beef up a leading attack.

  • Hone Your Skills

You can challenge friends or any Steam Group Chat member to a game of Artifact and even set up tournaments with custom rules. Before taking on other players, spend more time on solo play. Matches against an AI opponent let you test new strategies without feeling the pressure to win. And, once you have mastered the basics, you can even enable the timer in this mode to challenge your strategizing speed.

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