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Save Innocents from a Global Pandemic

 In this post, you will learn about Arknights, a strategy RPG developed by Yostar Limited. It’s available on both the app store and Google Play for those who enjoy mobile gaming. However, if you prefer to play Arknights on PC, check out our installation graphic above.

 Before picking up this game, the chances are you may be wondering what it is all about. Well, in the world of Arknights, there has been a deadly infection that is causing unrest. Therefore, a pharmaceutical company known as Rhodes Island is trying to restore sanity by fighting off the infected. As a doctor and key member in this organization, you will work closely with Amiya, the leader, to recruit operators and deploy them to fend off invading forces.


Recruit and Deploy

 The gameplay action in Arknights is quite diverse. First, you will begin with the recruitment of operators. There are several ways to do this, and the first method is using the Gacha mechanism. It serves up a banner with operators that are available for recruitment. The roster keeps changing with time, and you require Orundum (game currency) or headhunting tickets to acquire characters with this method.

 An alternative method is the open recruitment process. In this case, you select tags that relate to the abilities that operators would have. Although this increases the chances of getting the type of units you need, there is a timer that limits the recruitment duration. Also, note that open recruitment requires spending of Lungmen coins or tickets. And, the longer it takes the more currency you use.

 Matches in Arknights for PC or mobile take place in a tower defense fashion. First, you have to drag operators onto the battlefield. Your units will hold their ground and fight enemies that spawn on one side and match toward goals placed on the other end.

 Keep in mind that every operator has a deployment cost and rarity level. Also, the characters at your disposal have different roles and skills. For instance, you can deploy guards, specialists, snipers, casters, and support units, to name just a few. Therefore, the choices you make concerning types of deployed operators and their positioning will determine the outcome of the match.


Build a Base of Operations

 Besides recruiting and deploying fighting units, base-building is another aspect involved in the Arknights gameplay. Your base of operations is known as the Rhodes Island Infrastructure Complex (RIIC). You will assign operators there to run all kinds of facilities such as the control center, factory, dormitory, workshop, power plant, trading post, HR office, and training room. The RIIC is the primary source for trust points and many other resources for operators, so its development is crucial.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Arknights on PC

  • Take Advantage of the New Player Banner

When you first start playing Arknights, make sure to use the special banner for new players because it offers 21 pulls at discounted prices. What’s more, you are guaranteed at least one 6-star or 5-star operator. 

  • Put Together a Strong Team

As we alluded earlier, operators in Arknights have different skills. Therefore, a smart strategy is to deploy formations using units that complement each other. For example, you can have tank units with high HP like the defenders taking the first line and then have medics behind them. With this approach, the healers will keep casting spells to sustain the tanky operators so that the latter can take on enemies for a long time.

Keep in mind, though, that operator formations can be a lot more complicated. However, the idea here is to create a core team that can withstand enemy attacks effectively.

  • Deploy the Right Units

It is possible to check the types of enemies to expect before starting a match. In effect, this will allow you to anticipate which types of units to deploy. The effectiveness of an operator largely depends on the kind of enemy that emerges. For example, armored enemies can easily block physical attacks, but magic is their kryptonite/weakness.

  • Upgrade Your Operators

Another useful tip in this game is to upgrade your operator skills. It will cost you various items and materials, but improving your characters makes them more effective. Depending on the ability you choose to upgrade, this may allow your operator to survive longer, heal more allies, deal more damage, and so forth.


About Arknights:

Arknights is a strategy RPG with tower defense and base building elements all wrapped up in one. You take on the task of building a team of operators and deploy them into battle. The characters you recruit have different skills. They can shoot, stab, explode, block, cast spells, and fend off infected enemies with all manner of skills. Smart decisions and tactics when it comes to unit formations and types are what it takes to win. Boasting a large roster of operators, engaging story-line, as well as base construction, and character progression systems, Arknights has a lot to offer.

Developer: Yostar Limited
Download: Android or iOS

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