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How to play ARK: Survival Evolved on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Download and Play “ARK: Survival Evolved” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

RK: Survival Evolved is a single-player and multi-player action-adventure video game that tests the players’ survival instincts. Studio Wildcard alongside Instinct Games, Virtual Basement, and Efecto Studios worked together to develop and publish this awesome game. ARK: Survival Evolved for PC first launched on August 29, 2017, for MS Windows, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and MacOS. On June 14, 2018, the Android version of the game was released. What’s more, it became available for Nintendo Switch on the fourth quarter of 2018 .


You can play ARK: Survival Evolved from a first-person or third-person perspective. Players that embark on their epic adventure can expect a lot to explore from this sandbox game. It is home to a vast open world referred to as the ARK.

To be able to survive, a player has to use weapons and fire to establish their own base. Other additional activities include taming and feeding of the dinosaurs.

The building of a base requires that the player gains structural components like floors, windows, and doors. You also have to build them using resources scattered throughout the open world. Once you gain levels and progress in the game, resources become available in abundance.

Any structure can be created by the player provided they have the logistics and resources necessary for the job. A wide range of items such as weapons for survival can also be crafted from collected resources and the right crafting technologies. Whenever a player takes damage, they can have their health meter regenerate gradually if they had consumed the necessary food. Alternatively, health meter regeneration can be made faster using crafted items. However, without a way for health meter regeneration, it will regenerate with time.

There are more than 40 creatures and 29 dinosaur species. To tame a dinosaur, they can be can be rendered unconscious and be fed food. The timing can also be done by the use of a kibble. Each of the dinosaur species has its own special kibble for taming. After they’re tamed, their abilities can be utilized by the player. Dinosaurs are not the only animals in the ARK: Survival Evolved video game. Others include deodicurus, dodo, woolly mammoth, tytnomyrma and saber-toothed cat.

ARK: Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

The main task you have as a player in the ARK: Survival Evolved is survival. It’s not easy to do this even when you have bases and weapons. To have a good start, here are some of the top tips and tricks for you in the single-player mode:

Don’t Punch Too Much

All you’ll have at your disposal when you get up are the bare fists. If you opt for punching trees indiscriminately, your health meter will degenerate at a terrific speed. So, don’t overdo the punching and look for a way to craft weapons. Having tools early enough is good for the preservation of the low health bar when you begin playing.

Craft an Axe and a Pickaxe

In the beginning, you’ll be mainly involved in punching things until the moment those things turn into resources. Therefore, as from the start, focus on crafting tools. You can craft a crude pickaxe by picking rocks and using them to punch trees and combining the two. To craft an ax from this, you can replace the rock with a flint.

Kill as Many Dodos as You Can

By killing the dodos, you get useful resources. So, given, that they are humble and flightless, you can kill as many as you can to get experience points and meat. The meat will help you restore your health.

Have Knowledge of Your Materials

The most useful resources in the game are wood, flint, fiber, thatch, and stone. Wood and Thatch are obtained from trees. You can also obtain stones by lying around. When you hit a rock using a pickaxe, you get flint. Fiber, on the other hand, is harvested from plants.

Quickly Build a Shelter

Crafting a small base or shelter is vital as they can keep you safe and keep you warm at night.


ARK: Survival Evolved for PC is an MMO adventure game that guarantees a great game time if you know a few tips and tricks as the ones we’ve discussed above. However, there are many other tips and tricks that can guide you to get to a very high level even with your first attempt at the game.

About ARK: Survival Evolved:

Developer: Studio Wildcard
Download: Android and iOS