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High Stakes Game of Doomsday Survival

When the world finds itself staring into the ruthless and unyielding face of a zombie apocalypse, will you rise up to become humanity’s last defense or succumb to the basic human instinct of survival? Well, in Ares Virus on PC, you get the chance to find out what you are truly made of in an epic and immersive RPG.

In the game, you play the role of Neil, a member of a military S.O.T. Squad. You are sent into the Research Institute to collect an antibody sample that will make the cure of a zombie virus. Things go bad fast and you are left with no choice but to continue the mission alone after being separated from your teammates.

Although you take on the role of a hero, your fate in the game is not set in stone. The game is open-ended and provides you with choices at various stages. It is the decisions you make that will determine the future of humanity.

Zombies are not the only Danger

In Ares Virus, the bite from a zombie is deadly. But, that is not your only problem. You will also come across mutated monsters not to mention corrupt humans who will try to end you out of selfish gain. So, buckle up, as you will have to do a lot of fighting in this game.

Resources are Your Lifeline in Ares Virus

Having to fight zombies and monsters at every corner may feel like you are fighting a losing battle but there is a silver lining to the game. All you need to tip the odds in your favor is a full belly at all times, medicine at hand, and an endless supply of weapons. The good news is that all the resources you need to build weapons as well as make food and medicine are spread all over. You just need to collect them while moving.

What’s even better is that you can travel to and from your shelter as many times as you want. This makes it possible to collect resources, take them to the shelter, build weapons, replenish your energy with food, and then head back out to collect whatever else you were not able to before. You can do this as many times as needed to stay alive in the game.

There is no Right or Wrong in Ares Virus

With the fate of humanity in your hands, you should be ready to do whatever it takes to get the viral antibody. This will entail socializing with people with sinister motives, trading valuable coins for items necessary for advancing further in the game, and fighting your own kind when you find yourself in a jam. When all is said and done, the end justifies the means.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Ares Virus on PC

• Do not get Bitten

The last thing you want to happen to you in this game is a zombie bite. Therefore, when hordes of zombies come at you, there is no shame in running away. After a while the zombies will stop chasing, giving you a chance to heal and regroup. Only attack a group of zombies when you have sufficient ammo, health, and stamina.

• Follow the Provided Guides

The overall objective in Ares Virus is to find the Viral antibody that will help undo the effects of the deadly virus that is overtaking the human race. However, along the way, you will have to complete a series of mini-objectives as the game’s storyline unfolds. The tasks are not easy but you get a bit of relief in the form of guides, which are provided throughout every quest. The guides start with a tutorial that teaches you how to move your character & attack enemies and proceeds to little quest reminders on the top left corner of the screen, visible signs over the game and maps. Following the guides will ensure you are on the right path towards your end goal.

• Lean on Other Good People

Although hard to come by, there are still a few good people in the Ares Virus game. Your fellow combatants in the S.O.T. Squad will have your back at the beginning. Bodden will rescue you when things go terribly wrong and provide shelter, an Old Hunter in the forest will give you the antibiotics needed to buy Bodden more time, and so on. Bottom-line; take all the help you can get, as you will need it to be victorious.

• Keep Saving your Progress

In Ares Virus, you can die from a zombie bite, injuries suffered during battle, an empty health bar, or even hunger. When this happens, the game will reverse back to the last point of saved progress, giving you another chance at play. Because of this, make it a point to save your progress. Do this by tapping the save file icon near your room whenever you enter your shelter. This will prevent you from being thrown too far back in the game when you die.


About Ares Virus:

Developer: Qcplay Limited.
Download: Android and iOS

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