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Multi-Player Close Quarters Battle Game

Lauded as the first Close-Quarters Battle (CQB) shooting game on mobile, Area F2 is one for the ages. The game merges the beloved tactical first-person shooter genre with the multiplayer capability and has matches taking place in ultra-realistic environments.

Gameplay comprises solely of close-quarters combat whereby two teams of attackers and defenders do battle inside different indoor environments. You have the freedom of choosing an arena from the game’s four maps of Hot Springs, Russian Station, Mexican Mansion, and Cargo Dock. The game also features four play modes to choose from, including Bootcamp, Rookie, Casual, and Room (where you get to customize the environment).

Objective Oriented Gameplay

Every round of battle in Area F2 has a mission that involves accomplishing various objectives. For example, your challenge can be to create a pathway to secure a room, find and retrieve a specific object, and so on.

New players get a tutorial, which gives an idea of how to play. It shows you how to get into buildings, barricade yourself, deploy weapons like drones, UAV, etc.), adjust player perspective, among other things. It is essential to go through the tutorial because it will help you understand the fundamental gameplay mechanics.

Choose from Over 20 Player Agents

In Area F2, you will be playing as one member of a team of players in the attacking or defending side. Therefore, teamwork is crucial if you want to win.

You will only have control over your character but can see what your teammates are up to and even lend them a hand and vice versa. You can team up with friends and family or queue online to be matched with other players.

With a wide selection of 20+-agents to choose from, the character you play as is up to you. Every agent comes with their own set of skills, play style, and unique equipment. For instance, the Lightning Agent deploys shock ability while Volcano has thermite ability than enables the character to burst through barricaded walls.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Area F2 on PC

  • Prepare Adequately before Battle

Before each round of battle, there is a preparation phase intended to give the attacking team a chance to do some reconnaissance work while the defending side gets time to fortify their defense points.
So, if you are on the attacking team, take time to spot the enemy’s location. Pressing the monitor button gives you access to cameras stationed within the map as well as areas outside the building. Once you detect a teammate on the opposing side, press the scan button immediately. Scanning while a player is in sight of a camera will put a tracker on that target for a few seconds. Alternatively, you can also use the UAV to spot where the enemy is lurking. However, this will require you to find a vantage point to hide the UAV.

On the other hand, when playing on the defending side, rush to shoot down cameras before the opposing team gets a chance to get a good read on the locations of your teammates. Also, stay on the lookout for the enemy’s UAVs and take them down the second you spot one. You can also defend by jamming the enemy signal to evade detection and barricading yourselves into multiple rooms to avoid getting the whole team trapped in one vulnerable location.

  • Pay Attention to Your Surrounding

When operating without camera assist, you can rely on your senses to track the enemy. Keep your ear open for footsteps and other sounds (e.g., a group of players scurrying to fortify a wall) and watch out for barricaded doors and walls, which usually have a red X marker.

One helpful tool you can use is the barbed wire. Place the wire along staircases, within unobstructed rooms, and other chokepoint positions. The barbed wire will make noise when an enemy teammate walks over it.

  • Get Creative with your Breaches

Once you locate the objective/defending room, you can climb walls and attack from above. Another option is to burst through walls and get into a room. Alternatively, you could break the ceiling to attack from below. The smart approach is to catch the enemy off guard. Generally, whatever gets you to deal a ton of damage or disorient your enemies is the way to go. For instance, you can scale down a wall with guns blazing or drop grenades/flashbangs through the ceiling before dropping in.

You can also go for sneak attacks that enable you to take down the enemy swiftly without incurring much damage. For example, the enemy side expects you to burst through after taking down a door. However, if you blow down a door and come in from another direction, you will catch them off-guard and have a chance to take out multiple enemies in one swoop.

  • Defeat as Many Enemies as Possible

Lastly, keep in mind that progressing in this game is done by earning experience points. Your score will allow you to level-up and consequently unlock more agents as well as new game levels/modes. Essentially, the goal in every round of battle is to capture the objective. Doing so earns you a generous amount of experience points. However, the best way to hit maximum scores is to take out as many enemies as possible (if not all) while on your way to capturing the objective. The higher the dead-count, the more experience points you receive.

How to play

How to play Area F2 on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Area F2 Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Area F2 on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Area F2 - Global Launch:

Area F2 is perfect for those players who love high-stakes games where split-second tactical decisions mean the difference between life and death. The gameplay is mostly tactical with a lot of laying low, slow approaches, and calculated moves. However, every round of battle is fresh, exciting, and not lacking exhilarating action, especially when you finally locate the enemy’s hiding position. Download it today and bring out the navy seal in you!

Developer: Qookka Games
Download: Android or iOS

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