Animal Warfare on PC – Installing Guide with Gameplay Review

March your Cute Animal Army to War

Animal Warfare is an auto-battle simulation game that delivers what exactly it says on the title. In the game, you will be going into battles to the death with cute little animals making up your troops.

The fights take place on a field where you arrange your troops on allotted slots on a small part of the land where they will then face off with a group of enemy animals on the other side in an automated battle. There are hundreds of levels/rounds of play spread over multiple stages, each featuring a unique arrangement of animals on the enemy’s side. Gameplay takes place over varying environments of grassy plains, sandy beaches, forest frenzy, desert disaster, among others.

Grow and Expand your Troops

In Animal Warfare, growing and expanding your animal army are some of the primary activities that will keep you occupied. For the growing part, the game includes merging mechanics whereby you merge two similar-sized animals to create a bigger and stronger war beast. Every merge upgrades an animal character to a higher level with the highest rank standing at Level 8. Each merge also unlocks perks, which eventually leads to a nice bonus of coins and gems when you hit the day’s targeted number of perks.

Expanding your troops will not be hard since this game has a vast array of animal characters to collect with deer, boar, monkey, fox, lion, and bear, touching on just a fraction of what is on offer. You will be able to unlock new animals with continued play but can also expand your animal collection by buying card packs at the ‘Store’ button on the game’s main menu. This menu consists of a series of buttons (in order of Store, Animal, Home, Challenges, & Missions) depicted in various respective icons. The store button has a packed menu of its own, including a ‘cards packs’ section where you spend gold or gems to get a normal or super card pack.

Other than card packs, it is possible to buy one animal at a time. Right before a fight, the game pauses on a battle formation screen to give you a chance to re-arrange your army. At the bottom-center of the screen, you will spot a button with an inverted image of an animal. It also has a price-tag (which increases with every round of play), indicating how much it will cost to buy an animal. By tapping/clicking on the button, you can easily purchase and add a new creature to join your army of animals.

All Game Animals are Unique

Although Animal Warfare is an idle auto-battle game, a lot of thought went into the creation of animal characters. The animals fall into various classes, namely Normal, Epic, and Legendary. Legendary animals have the highest stats, followed by Epic, with Normal making up the lowest class tier. To make it easier to keep track of what animal belongs to which class, the game uses a color code system. Blue represents the normal class, whereas the Epic and Legendary clans go by purple and gold. When you unlock a new animal character, the game will either indicate its class or reveal the animal in its respective color code.

Aside from varying tier levels, all animals in the game are different, with each having its own unique attack style, skills, and stats. The Animal button (depicted by a paw icon) at the game’s menu leads you to an ‘army page’ where you will find a list of all the animals you have unlocked and their respective health, movement, attack, and attack speed stats.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Animal Warfare on PC

• Aim for the Best Animal Formation

Although having several upgraded animals or a massive army helps, proper arrangement of your troops is the key to winning a round of battle. So, take the time to learn each of the game’s characters. You can then use that information to come up with the best formation when you arrange your animals on the play grid. For example, the monkey character has a long-range attack that makes the animal perfect for relegating to the back. Boar’s high health stats, in turn, can help shield the other animals from getting hit by placing this character at the front.

Another strategic move is to change up formations based on the other side’s set-up. For instance, the enemy side has a long-ranged attacker at the front, send your fast animals first. They will get to the ranged attacker quickly and take it out before dishing out significant damage to your troops. Alternatively, put your best fighters forward when facing a boss animal.

• Complete your Daily Set of Missions

Every 24 hours of play in this game comes with a set of missions that include tasks like ‘trigger 25 animal packs’, ’achieve 20 battle victories’, ‘earn 1000 coins from idle chest’, ‘merge three animals’, ‘obtain coins by watching ad three times. Make sure to check what the day’s missions are and complete every one of them. Every quest you clear will come with a sizeable reward of gold coins and a few gems. Getting through all missions, in turn, gets you even bigger prizes such as card packs, new animals, and even a chest.

• Take on Challenges

With a dedicated challenges button, Animal Warfare gives you daily access to earn extra coins and gems. The challenges refresh every 24 hours and have a limited number of attempts (usually 5). So, make sure to exhaust all your allowed daily attempts before they expire.

• Multiply Battle Rewards

You can buy yourself a lot of advantages in this game if you have coins or gems to spare. For instance, this can include epic card packs, new animal releases, and even the instant opening of the game’s coins, gemstones, and card-generating IDLE, BASIC, & EPIC chests. Luckily, the game gives you a chance to earn big over and over. All successful battles end with an offer to triple your rewards by watching an advertisement. Take up this offer, especially in the fighting rounds, where you earn gems or a lot of coins.

How to play

How to play Animal Warfare on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Animal Warfare Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Animal Warfare on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Animal Warfare:

The whole concept in Animal Warfare is comic oriented. The animal characters are cute but ferocious, while the game’s design features a minimalist art style of blocky animal figures and simple scenery outlines. You are even guaranteed a lot of laughs, especially when you watch your troops do their little victory dance at the end of each successful battle round. Humor aside, though, this is a well-thought-out and put-together game. The many levels follow a progressive system. All controls are easy-to-use and access too. The battle formation system keeps things interesting, while the continually changing missions keep players obsessed enough to indulge in hours of daily play.

Developer: PlaySide Studios
Download: Android or iOS

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