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Hack n’ Slash Action RPG for the Ages 

Despite Exilium Games being relatively new to the scene, (active since 2016), this game publisher seems to possess the secrets of creating a great RPG. Their latest (and only) creation, AnimA ARPG (2019): The Reign of Darkness became an instant hit. On Google Play alone, it currently records over 100, 000 downloads.

The unique thing about this game is that it pays homage to great classics like Diablo 1 by using similar design themes. As a result, you can expect features such as a spine-chilling story with a spooky soundtrack to match and a dark setting over multiple desolate regions. Gameplay involves a selection of activities that will be sure to keep you busy. For starters, you will converse with the featured NPCs as you travel to all areas in the game. Also, there are zombies to slay along the way. More importantly, your goal is to uncover the source of the tremors, which plunged the region into darkness and caused the death of many brave soldiers.


Over 50 Levels with Endless Quests 

As impressive as the graphics and vibe of this game are, playing it is even better. Included are 40+ regular levels plus over ten secret unique levels of play. These stages of gameplay take you through a plethora of quests, each in a different region. For instance, you will visit the Fortress of Order, Gardens I, II, & III, Catacombs, Lost City, Dark Palace, and so much more.

Every completed quest gets you closer to unraveling the mystery behind the game. Also, slaying the zombies you encounter along the way won’t be in vain. For your trouble, you can expect rewards that will help you level up, unlock skills, as well as earn gold, EXP points, and new gear.

The beauty of AnimA ARPG: The Reign of Darkness is that you get to experience every moment firsthand because nothing is automated. What’s more, the game controls are very easy to use. First, there is a movement button to the left and combat buttons to the right. You also have three tabs at the bottom center of the screen with icons for a book, swords, and feather in order of left to right. Tapping on the feather icon reveals quests. On the other hand, the middle tab with swords leads to character profile where you can increase a character’s Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, and Vitality using attribute points. The other tab leads you to your character’s abilities page. Here, you can buy new skills using ability points, which you earn every time upon leveling up.


Choose between 3 Fully Customizable Characters  

AnimA –ARPG (2019) for PC features three character classes -Skirmish, Archery, and Sorcery. Each character class is unique, and you are only allowed to choose one. Firstly, Skirmish has excellent physical strength and fights wearing heavy armor. Secondly, Sorcerer uses magic to destroy enemies and fend off attacks. Finally, Archer is agile, quick and excellent at attacking both from long range and in close quarters. Every character also has additional buffs that range from magic resistance and health regeneration to mana and magical damage. You will stick with your chosen pick up until level 35, where the game introduces a dual-class system that allows you to acquire an additional character from another class.

 One thing you can do freely without any restrictions is to customize your character. When playing as a Skirmish (warrior equivalent of RPGs) for instance, you can opt for a bow and arrow. You also have the freedom to  fight with a sword/mallet-like weapon instead. Therefore, you are not limited to the grind of hand-to-hand combat only.

Additionally, you will find multiple weapon choices in the other two classes. There is also the freedom of dressing your character in the outfit of your choosing and improving skills whichever way you want.

Tips & Tricks for playing AnimA ARPG on PC

  • Let Quests Guide you 

AnimA ARPG (2019) for PC allows you the freedom of following quests or just runing wild slaying every enemy you encounter and collecting loot. In our opinion, it is more enjoyable to follow the quests. They tell a story where completing one quest opens up play to a new pursuit that carries forth the game’s dynamic story. When freestyling though, you will just be running around completing quest tasks while knowing nothing of it. 

  • Look out for the ‘?’ Mark 

At the top right corner of the game’s screen is a map. Unlike your average game map, this one does not lay out the path to follow or point out enemy positions. Instead, the map draws out a path as you move along the grounds. What you should do is run around in all directions slaying zombies until you spot a ‘?’ mark on the map. Whatever you are looking for in that particular quest (the lost soldier’s corpse, Twisted Flowers, The Scissor, Vejday’s Power, etc.) will be located on that spot. So, you just need to head there and complete your mission.

Once you have acquired what is needed to complete the quest, the map then points out the location of the portal to the Fortress of Order (the game’s home place). At this point, you only need to make your way to the portal, go through, handover the item, get your reward if there is any, and move on to the next quest.

  • Do not Forget to Level Up 

Another essential tip to keep in mind is remembering to level up because that will help you to progress further in this game. The zombies at the beginning are very easy to take down. However, the more formidable they get the deeper you get into the game, and as you start to compete in big boss fights. Constantly leveling up will enable you to keep up with the growing challenges of the game. 

The trick with leveling up is to focus on strengthening your character’s attributes. Equip a Skirmish character with more strength, give an archer more dexterity, and add onto the intellect of a sorcerer. It would be best if you also upgraded other areas but give your character’s strengths a more significant boost.  

  • Master the Role of the NPC’s 

Everything you need in this game is accessible through the NPC’s. The likes of The Hooded, Jarcos, and Captain Arvid confer quests to you, while the rest offer gear, equipment, and other essential game items. Olav is a vendor who sells and identifies items, Jarcos an alchemist who combines gems, Hedwig a blacksmith who repairs, removes, upgrades, and infuses objects. At the same time, Gelhed is a gambler who trades you random things for money. All NPC’s reside at the Fortress of the Order

  • Leave no Gold Behind

Finally, remember to collect coins when you slay enemies. However, eliminating zombies is not the only way you earn gold in this game. There are chests as well as barrels spread all over the place that contain gold coins. Just run-up to a chest and open it or smash a barrel with your weapon or power and the gold will be yours. 

One thing to note is that you have to be close to these items to collect the gold. For example, if you are playing as a sorcerer or Archer and one of your long-range attacks hits a barrel, the gold that spills out will not be added up to your total collection until you walk over to the coins.

How to play

How to play AnimA ARPG (2019) on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install AnimA ARPG (2019) Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play AnimA ARPG (2019) on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About AnimA ARPG (2019):

As an RPG, AnimA ARPG (2019) is an excellent game, arguably one of the best releases of the decade. It has a lot to offer, ranging from crisp graphics to simple controls to remarkable gameplay. What's more, there are plenty of places to explore and a ton of things to do. One aspect that we applaud the game for the most, though, is that you can play it entirely offline. Even if you play with your device connected to the Internet, there are no irritating advertisements to divert your attention from the game’s immersive experience. Games (RPGs or otherwise) don't always offer that much nowadays.

Developer: Exilium Games
Download: Android or iOS

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