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Download and Play “Angry Birds Match” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

An Incredible Match-3 Game

Brought to you by Ravio, Angry Birds Match is a puzzle game that has been adapted from the Angry Birds Movie. Just like its title suggests, the game will have you matching things, collecting things and doing all sorts of things to win rewards or move up the ranks.

There are many match-3 games but Angry Birds Match strives to be a unique name in this overcrowded space. Everything from the gameplay to the mechanics makes it a game that should be added to your entertainment list.

Representing the best of match-3 puzzle games, Angry Birds Match will fuel your level of excitement in an amazing way. If you loved watching Angry Birds then you will appreciate the entertaining moments that you will get, courtesy of its mobile game version.

If you want to enjoy a different version of the game, you can Download Angry Match Birds For PC.

Match Birds

As already discussed, this game is about matching items in groups of three. If you are able to do that successfully then the items will disappear, making space in the level for more items.

Clearly, this is a game that will keep you glued to the screen for a long time. Matching birds may sound like an easy task but it needs a high level of focus and concentration.

When you match certain numbers and birds, you will be rewarded with a bird. Although the game has a high level of uniqueness, it also comes with a certain level of familiarity especially for those who have played angry birds before. This will automatically push you to your comfort zone. The game is appealing and it makes for unforgettable playing moments.

Remember All Basic Rules

All match-3 funds will appreciate the great lengths that Angry Birds Match goes to in ensuring it hits all of the standard marks. When playing, it is important to remember the basics matching four or five sets of items will clear one raw and clearing an interesting to explore.

The game feels cohesive through and through. Its main goal is to keep you interested and it does this very well. If you choose to Download Angry Birds Match for PC, you will be able to enjoy the game on a whole new level. The fact that it can be enjoyed on numerous settings makes the game multi-dimensional.

Work Through Levels

Angry Birds Match may not innovate but it does a brilliant job of offering a match-3 gameplay that you will truly enjoy. The first few levels will introduce boosts (red birds that can be launched automatically) and a number of obstacles on the board that should be dispelled.

As you progress from level to level the game will let you collect little hatchlings (baby birds) that gift you with a key which will let you open a treasure chest. In the chests lies boosts, power-ups, and a game that will contribute positively to your gameplay.

There are also challenges that should successfully be completed. The game basically puts you in control. It is also easy to Download Angry Birds Match For PC.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Angry Birds Match

All puzzle lovers will want to conquer this match-3 puzzle game. In order for you to play a winning game, the following tips and tricks should be considered:

• Know the special birds
What would an Angry Birds game be without special birds? Well, it is important to know all the special birds and what they can do. This will help you reach your winning goals quickly:

a) Red- This is the most iconic bird in the game. It can be created by matching four pieces together. The red bird can be signed in all directions.
b) Chuck- This yellow speedy bird is created when multiple pieces are matched in an L-shape.
c) Bomb-Just like its name suggests this bird is an explosive giant that is created when five pieces are matched together. Bomb covers three rows and columns.

• Use a lot of moves
The best way to easily get through a level is by using many moves. Even if you use multiple moves, you may miss out on extra coins but even so, a lack of coins will not prevent you from leveling up as you play the game.

• Start by breaking the obstacles
When you get to the second world, you will encounter crates. It is best to clear such obstacles first so that you do not limit yourself when playing the game.

• Dress for success
Every time you unlock new hatchings, you will get a free outfit and a coin bonus. The more outfits you have, the more coins you will get. Do not buy new accessories with every new hatching, buy outfits for low tier birds and work your way up.

• Do not participate in any event
Your main goal is to keep upgrading and collecting more birds. Therefore, you should not participate in events. This is because events offer time-limited challenges whereby a certain number of puzzles should be completed events require bonuses and extra lives and, they are more difficult than the standard levels. Simply put, they are not worthwhile.

• Do not chase the pigs
If you are on a level where you need to and clear up mud or glue, do not chase the pigs. The pigs not only change positions every time you move but you will also end up in the way of the mud you are clearing. Therefore, targeting the pigs alone will not pay off. In fact, it is a waste of moves.

• Save boosters
Do not use your boosters carelessly. Only use them when you must absolutely deploy them. As you play, the levels are going to get harder, therefore, you will need all the help that you can get.

• Sync your progress between devices
By using your progress or connecting to Facebook, the game will reward you with free gems-exactly what you need to get ahead!

About Angry Birds Match

Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
Download: Android and iOS