Andyroid is a virtualization solution that closes the gap between your desktop and mobile device to provide an amazing Android experience on your desktop. Often referred to as “Andy”, this emulator emulates the entire Android environment.

Because this system has become widespread, a majority of people who are using Windows and Mac on their computers are also interested in the installation of Andyroid so that they can enjoy the easy to use interface that it offers.

Today, Andyroid is one of the best-known emulators that can easily run on various Windows versions.

How Does Andyroid Work?

As previously discussed, Andyroid breaks down the barrier between desktop and mobile computing. It also keeps the user up to date with the latest Android updates. With unlimited storage capacity, PC and Mac compatibility, it is a unique application for all Android users.

The phone will act as a joystick and you can be able to carry out mobile functions with the help of this emulator. It is also beneficial when playing games as you can easily use your touchscreen to navigate and tilt your phone rather than tilting your entire laptop.

Andyroid developers have assured users that the next version of the emulator will map four keyboard keys: W, A, S, and D, which will
move a car when playing car games. Apart from playing games, it is also convenient to access social media platforms such as Snap Chat, Whatsapp, and Viber using this emulator.

Features of Andyroid

Andy offers an abundance of useful features that can make it easy to integrate Android with Windows. It allocates a portion of your hard disk memory to create an emulated Android device.

It makes it easy to launch Android application from shortcuts in your Windows desktop as well as copying files between Android and
Windows through a shared folder.

The emulator also allows for punch notifications from Android in Windows. This will keep you updated on any changes that occur within the Android application.

User Interface

Once you install Andyroid and launch it, you will go through the typical Android first-time set-up. The user-interface is appealing to the eyes and enables you to resize the window on the fly. Unlike other emulators, Andyroid does not force you to run it in either a fixed-size window or full-screen mode.

You have full control over how you want to use the emulator. It will always adjust accordingly. This is your standard Android system that is running on Windows. While the Andyroid interface would work perfectly with a touch screen computer, you can also use your mouse and keyboard to easily maneuver around.

Overall Performance

A majority of Android emulators are notably slow and Andyroid is not an exception. For instance, when gaming with the emulator, you
may have to choose games that will easily keep up with emulator’s settings.

There are also games that would be slow to load, especially when you are not on a stable connection. However, this goes for most Android emulators. Apart from these few hitches, Andyroid works well. Its overall performance often depends on your system’s specifications as well as other available resources.

How to Download and Install Andyroid on your PC

Just like any other installer, Andyroid also needs to go through a variety of steps to launch itself on your personal computer. Andy can run Android apps and games on Window XP, Vista as well as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

By going to the download folder option and right-clicking on the file, you will able to extract all of the emulator’s content. After the extraction right click on the setup file and choose the run as administrator option from the menu.

A dialog box will appear, click on the “yes” button. Follow this procedure and accept all the terms conditions. Your computer will restart to install all Andy files. Once the installation is complete, you can run and use the emulator.

How to Download and Install Apps on Andyroid

· The emulator has a search box where you can type the name of the application that you are looking for
· A search will be conducted. When you spot the application that you want, click “install”
· Confirm installation and after a few minutes the application will be up and running

How to Install Apps in Andyroid Using APK Files

· To get started, download an APK file using the stock Android browser
· On your app drawer, click downloads and you will trace the file that you just downloaded
· Open the file and install the application on your device