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Thrilling Desert Sandboarding

From the makers of Alto’s Adventure comes this thrilling sandboarding game, Alto’s Odyssey. This sequel is a stark contrast to the original version. The developers of  Alto’s Odyssey traded snow and ice for a vast, unexplored sandy dessert. Riding down the mountain, your character will traverse windswept dunes, scale steep Canyon walls and discover ancient temple ruins. Along the way, you will find waterfalls, steams, and tornadoes, all while soaring through the sky with birds of paradise and escaping angry lemurs. To keep going, you have to avoid rocks and jump over chasms. You can backflip off-ramps, grind on vines or rope as well as bounce atop weather balloons. The more tricks you perform, the faster the Alto moves. Gaining speed creates a force field that smashes rocks and allows your character to keep sandboarding without crashing.

Captivating Scenery

Soothing music and spectacular visuals add a special touch to the whole experience of playing Alto’s Odyssey. You can sandboard at night with stars and the moon in the backdrop, as the sun is rising/setting, amidst torrential rain, or in a sandstorm. The Photo Mode allows you to take stunning shots of your jaw gaping stunts or trips through the picturesque desert. And, the best part is you don’t have to feel limited playing on your mobile device only because it is possible to play Alto’s Odyssey on PC as well.

Level Up to Unlock New Characters

While Alto is the default character, you can unlock his friends at various levels in the game. Different characters have unique strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the right player makes it easy to complete the three goals involved in each level.

Maya, introduced at level 11, may be slow but lands backflips very fast. Bounce off a balloon and she can easily land a double, triple or even quadruple backflip. At level 21, you can unlock Paz, who flips slowly but is needed to complete character-specific goals. Izle cruises at great speeds and is a good choice if you want to escape lemurs or get far very fast in quests beyond level 31. Felipe, the agile llama that becomes available at level 41, double jumps over gaping chasms with ease. Sumara, arguably the best character of the game, lands quick backflips like Maya and can double jump as well to avoid falling into the abyss on chasm jumps.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Alto’s Odyssey on PC

Before we share tips on how to install and play Alto’s Odyssey on PC, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you thrive in the game:

• Practice with the Tutorials or Play Zen Mode

There are a lot of skills you need to master in Alto’s Odyssey. The best way to practice is taking the game tutorials. Lessons pause with screen tips to teach you various tricks like grinding, evading rocks, backflipping, jumping over chasms, and riding walls. Once you learn the basics, play Zen Mode, which lets you explore the endless desert without crashing.

• Invest in Items from the Workshop

The Workshop in Alto’s Odyssey has some useful items that you can buy and upgrade with coins collected while completing quests. If you want to collect more coins, increase the magnet timer duration. You can do the same for the Lotus Flower timer and backflip or bump into rocks for longer without worrying about crashing. Armed with a wingsuit, you can literally fly and take to the skies. This item is great for extending a chain of combo tricks, escaping lemurs or jumping over long chasms. The wingsuit costs about 7,500 coins. After buying it, you can increase its timer duration with subsequent upgrades. To activate the wingsuit, all you have to do is make your scarf grow by performing lots of tricks to increase your speed.

Other items from the workshop offer protection, rewards, or guide you to specific biomes. These include items like the helmet, chasm rescue, compass, mysterious radio, the signal amplifier and special sandboard for wall riding.

• Escape Lemurs

These pesky primates appear after you travel more than 2Km continuously in one run. They knock on the sandboard and continue to chase you even on vines. If you get through a chasm, they won’t follow you anymore. Meanwhile, you can keep lemurs at bay by jumping up or landing lots of backflips to sandboard faster and create some distance.

• Rake up Points with Combo Tricks

Every trick you do has its own score value. If you are trying to go for a high score, try to perform several tricks in a single jump and add to your multiplier. For example, you would get 50-points for successfully jumping over a chasm and an additional 10 points if you manage to land a backflip in the process. Your total point score adds up to 60 but since those are a couple of tricks in one jump, it would be multiplied by 2, making your final score 120-points.


About Alto's Odyssey:

Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
Download: Android or iOS

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