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Real-Time Multiplayer Cricket Game

Cricket fans are in for a lovely treat with the All Star Cricket mobile game. In this real-time multiplayer cricket game, you will challenge players from all around the world. The game comes with several nice features. To begin with, this title from Deftouch Interactive has cool 3D graphics, great animation, and excellent gameplay. The simulation itself manages to capture the representation of modern cricket quite well.

What’s more, the arena in which games takes places looks and feels real, right from the wooden stumps on the rectangular pitch to a crowd of spectators that cheer you on and celebrate your wins. Even details like the bowler signaling field players to adjust their positioning and the batsman throwing a fit after a terrible miss all play out quite well.

You also get to choose your very own team name from a nice array of options. These include Deli Captains, Kings of Punjab, Mumbai Indigos, and Sun Rangers Hyderabad, to name a few. Take your time when choosing, because you will be stuck with the selected team name until the season ends.

Multiple Game Modes

In the game, you get to enjoy the pleasure of playing cricket from all angles courtesy of the several modes of play featured. The easiest play option is batting and bowling rounds. Here, you alternate between being the bowler and batsman and try to reach a specified goal.  For example, your goal can be to score 4 boundaries, concede fewer than 4 boundaries, defend 27 runs, play fewer than 5 dot balls, and so on.

With the legends of Cricket game mode, you control a team of players and Strategy gameplay, which gives you a chance to polish your playing skills. Additionally, there is the option of challenging online players to Exhibition and Tournament matches. Overall, there is plenty to do in this game and a lot of fun to keep you entertained.

Fast-Paced Action to Enjoy

One more reason to like this game is that it is just as fast paced as an actual game of cricket. The bowler does not waste any time throwing the ball and the batsman sprints off the second he sees the ball going far. Even the fielding players move extremely fast to get the ball back into the pitch and cut off the batsman. Thanks to this, you get to feel an actual thrill of outsmarting and outplaying your opponents.

Tips and Tricks for Playing All Star Cricket on PC

  • Practice

In this game, the real rules of play of cricket apply. So, if you have a good understanding of the sport, it should be easy to play. That said, it does not hurt to practice before you start playing. The controls include tapping Left or Right on the screen for your batsman to swing the bat on the Off or Leg side. For bowling, you only drag your finger/mouse on the right side of the screen to select the type of swing/spin and bounce you want the ball to follow. It seems easy enough, but there is a trick to playing well.

For batting, the key is learning the right moment to tap the screen. If you tap too late, you will miss the ball completely, or nick it slightly at best, sending it flying only a short distance. However, if you tap early just as the ball is coming towards you, the bat will make a nice connection. If it reaches the boundary, you score 4 runs. When the ball goes all the way to spectators sitting in the stadium, you score six runs.

As for bowling, you will need to try several dragging motions to find the one that makes it hard for the other side’s batsman to hit the ball. The more you practice, the better you will get at playing.

  • Upgrade Your Players

As a professional cricket player in the All Star Cricket game, you will need to invest in all the trappings of a pro cricket player in order to rise in ranks in the sport. From buying top-notch gear to acquiring skills training, there are a lot of ways to take care of your players.   For example, if your player is low on energy or gets injured after a match, use your game currency to buy an energy drink. You can also drag him into a med center instead of rushing to unlock play tactics or shop for new power-ups.

  • Manage Your Cricket Career Wisely

In this game, you will often find yourself needing to choose between two or more play boosting activities. Approach these decisions with a cool head and do not let your emotions get in the way. Go for the choice that benefits you or your team the most.


About All Star Cricket:

Whether you have a few minutes to spare or hours to kill, All Star Cricket will keep you well entertained. Between the charming players, challenging play, and speedy action, you will find yourself wanting more. The level of depth to this cricket simulation game is simply amazing.

It is also great that you do not have to worry about the game freezing or completely hanging during play. The developers of the game went to great lengths to keep it extremely lightweight, allowing for smooth play even on low-end gadgets with limited processing capabilities.

Developer: Deftouch Interactive Art
Download: Android or iOS

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