Airline Commander – A real flight experience For Your Windows / Mac PC

Flight Simulation Game

Airline Commander – A real flight experience is a flight simulation game that offers the closest experience you can get to being a pilot. So, if you have always dreamed of flying an actual plane, then this will be a fun game to play.

In Airline Commander, your IOS or Android device literally turns into a virtual cockpit. In addition to installing the game on mobile, you can play Airline Commander for PC as well, and fly different planes from the comfort of your home.

The gameplay is quite simple even for beginners. All you have to do is control the flight path, retract/lower the landing gear, monitor altitude & speed, and increase engine power with the throttle control. The best part is you will be landing planes and taking off from hundreds of realistic runways and airports with simulated air traff ic.

Earn Flying Licenses and Buy Planes

One of the great things about playing Airline Commander – A real flight experience is that you can build a fleet of airliners as the game progresses. Keep in mind that this costs in-game currency. However, you earn that after completing various tasks.

Another aspect to note about the game is that there are different airplanes to unlock. As a result, you’ll have plenty to pick from as the game progresses. Options range from turbine and reaction to single and double deck aircraft models. All of these planes perform differently in various flying conditions.

However, there are a number of flying licenses you have to acquire first before you can start playing. That involves taking exams that test you on different maneuvers like landing, taking off, or taxiing. Although there are lots of test to take initially, Learning the basic skills is easy thanks to screen tips from the in-game instructor on the top left corner of your screen.

Complete Flight Routes

After obtaining your licenses, you can start to fly various routes across the globe. The in-game map displays contracts, which you can activate to open a flying route and complete an activity associated with it.

During a flight, you have the option to fly in one of two modes. First, there is simulation mode. It delivers a more realistic flying experience. But, simulation mode is a bit more challenging. The saving grace, though, is that you get a higher reward.

On the other hand, you can try playing in normal mode. In contrast, normal flights are not as hard as the simulated ones. With that in mind, you may want to start with this easier option for a while to get the gist of playing Airline Commander for PC. Once you fly various routes successfully, you can claim rewards like in-game money, ACC credits, and flight points.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Airline Commander – A real flight experience

It will take a bit of practice to master the art of being a skilled airline commander. But, fret not if you are new to this game. We’ll show you how to hone your piloting skills by sharing a few tips and tricks for playing this game:

  • Take the time to Master Each Plane

    You cannot expect the same performance with every airline you choose in the game because the planes in Airline Commander all have different abilities. Some respond quickly to the lightest touch while others require that you put in a little more effort to get the aircraft to turn or takeoff. Therefore, it is essential that you take the time to learn the specs of every plane. With this approach, you can adjust your playing style to suit the plane you are using. In effect, doing so will improve your chances of getting a perfect performance with every flight.

  • Keep an Eye on Altitude and Speed

    Every plane must be moving at certain knots to touch down safely. Keep an eye on the altitude and speed indicators on the bottom right corner of your screen when landing. Use the +/- arrow indicators as a reference guide to adjust your altitude and speed for a soft landing. Ideally, go for slow and steady increments. If you drop altitude or scrub speed too-much-too-fast, you can stall the engine, resulting in a crash landing.

  • Aim for Perfect Performance

    Airline Commander vets your performance on aspects such as flight path, passenger comfort as well as takeoff and touchdown softness. With that in mind, you have to perform well on these parameters in order to earn the full amount of flight credits. So, make sure to focus on excellent performance when flying each route.

  • Be Gentle When Maneuvering Your Plane

    As mentioned earlier, part of flying in this game entails controlling the flight path. In the same way that landing planes requires finesse, you also have to be gentle when maneuvering your aircraft. Quick or sudden jerky movements will send the plane sprawling out of control, taking away from your flight credits. Therefore, make it a point to work on perfecting your maneuvering skills as soon as you start playing

  • Complete Contracts Immediately

    Finally, you should remember that flight contracts remain active for a limited period. You can check the expiry time on the screen after buying a new contract. It is vital to complete the contract as quickly as possible. The reason for this is that missing the deadline means you will have to spend flight points again to unlock the route.

In-app Purchases for Airline Commander

While flight simulator games are not the first choice for everyone, Airline Commander is an all-inclusive game that pretty much anyone can enjoy. The game has divided play into several sections. Firstly, you can simply stick to learning flight techniques like taxing on runways, taking off, landing. Secondly, players who are feeling  a little ambitious can opt to test out skills in missions. And, lastly, there is the option to go for the ultimate challenge of creating and managing your own airline. In short, there is something for players of all levels.

If you find yourself stuck at any point in the game, you can always buy your way out. Yes, the game offers the option of in-app purchases where you spend real money to advance in the game.

Pretty much every play-related item in the game (new flight routes, credits, flight points, etc) can be bought. Prices start from around $2and above per item.


Reward System in Airline Commander

There is a specific sequence to follow if you want to advance in this game. In particular, this includes earning in-game money, buying new licenses, passing exams, and finally, unlocking new routes. Playing anything from PvP showdowns with other pilots, to completing single player missions, to undergoing training will earn you in-game currency. You can then use those rewards to buy new license exams or acquire new planes.

As for unlocking new routes, you will need to use AC Credits (earned by completing flights) to activate a contract. All contracts come with a list of activities that you must complete within the given deadline to successfully open a new route. Furthermore, there are flight points awarded based on how good you are in terms of flying skills. You can use that also to unlock routes .


App Details 

  • Off icially Supported Devices: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Chromebook
  • App Size: 452.2 MB
  • Release Date: August 23, 2018 (original version 1.0.5); April 29, 2019 (current updated version 1.2.4)
  • Operating System Version: Requires Android 4.1 and up or iOS 9.0 or later


Content Rating 

Airline Commander has a content rating of 3+. Therefore, the game lacks any of the usual red flags for parents. Namely, it has no adult content, verbal abuse, substance use, or extreme violence. There is the threat of crashing the plane but nothing too graphic. Everything else is pure fun and play. Consequently, this is one of the reasons that make the game suitable for gamers of all ages and skills.

How to play

How to play Airline Commander - A real flight experience on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Airline Commander - A real flight experience Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Airline Commander - A real flight experience on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Airline Commander - A real flight experience:

If you are looking for a flight simulator game, then this title from RORTOS will be worth your time. Airline Commander teaches flying enthusiasts lots of pilot techniques. Master how to taxi on runways, take off, land as well as deploying and retracting the landing gear by playing this game. You can fly lots of airliners from many realistic virtual airports all around the world. With every successful mission, you earn credits, cash and go through the proper training to flying more complex planes. What’s more, some levels challenge you to deal with in-flight emergencies like fire engines.

Developer: RORTOS
Download: Android and iOS

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