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The Journey of a True Mage

Age of Magic is a combat role-playing game (RPG) developed by Playkot Limited for mobile devices. It chronicles the journey of Roland who is trying to make his way to the Dark Tower across a fantasy world that is on the brink of annihilation. While traversing the ruins of destroyed cities to find out what happened, he must battle countless monsters and defeat the unstoppable demons of the Legion. Reaching the final destination will fulfill the Dragon Prophecy that foretells the coming of a hero that will save the drying magical world and earn the title of True Mage. And as the game progresses, you collect other heroes that join Roland in the battle to form squads of up to 6 fighters against the enemies.

Turn-Based Combat

Whether you choose to play Age of Magic on PC or mobile, the game has good graphics, animations and character models that will keep you hooked. The combat style; however, is turn-based. This means that each hero gets one move per turn. During battles, a circle encloses the active fighter, allowing you to know which character you are controlling. Each turn, you may select an attacking or defensive move. The heroes have unique abilities, making the battles varied and exciting. If you drop all the enemies, you not only advance to the next chapter but also win various rewards that will be used to equip your heroes and level them up.

Multiple Modes of Play

You can play different modes in Age of Magic. In the Campaign mode, you go up against various enemies while fighting against AI controlled opponents. The combatants have a little dialogue before each fight. This adds a nice touch to the story-based theme built around Age of magic because you get some context on the game’s plot.

In Arena mode, battle against other real players and even add your friends to the game to compete together. The Tomb of Horrors section unlocks when one of your heroes attain level 20. The enemies at this stage get progressively tougher but winning battles comes with nice rewards such as diamonds, silver and XP points, which can be exchanged for Tomb of Horrors items in the game’s virtual shop. Likewise, you can earn more exciting prizes including rare Hero Shards after unlocking and taking part in Event and Tournament modes. In order to compete in the individual levels, you will need energy units that replenish with time, allowing your heroes to rest up for upcoming battles.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Age of Magic

To learn how you can play Age of Magic on PC, scroll down to our download and installation section. Before delving into that though, you may want to have a look at the following tips and tricks that will help you make good progress right off the bat.

  • Train and Equip Your Heroes

Like in most turn-based RPG combat games, you can upgrade your Age of Magic heroes and equip them with new gear. You must spend Experience Portions to level up your heroes. Once you have collected enough portions, you will see a red dot on the Train tab after loading the Heroes menu. This lets you know that your hero can be upgraded. If you also see a green “+” sign on any hero’s profile panel, that means there is a new piece of gear for them. Remember, leveling up your heroes and equipping them with new gear will make them stronger.

  • Balance Out Your Hero Squad

As mentioned earlier, Age of Magic lets you team up with other fighters, some of whom start off as your enemies. There are over 70 heroes to collect, all categorized into seven classes, namely, Tanks, Bosses, Rogues, Casters, Melee, Ranged Damagers, and Healers. When forming your squad, select heroes with a variety of skills. For instance, have characters that can patch up wounded teammates alongside those who deal a good amount of damage and others that soak up enemy strikes.

  • Farm for Rewards with Memory Spheres

As you clear various levels in campaign mode, you earn Memory Spheres. Those yellow orbs may be traded to replay previous levels but without going through the actual battle. This allows you to collect XP, currency and other rewards instantly. It can be a great way to farm for gear for your collected heroes after hitting a roadblock.


About Age of Magic:

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