Age of Colossus for PC: Easy Installing Guide & Free Download

Wage War Against the Shadow Corps

Age of Colossus is a base-building war strategy game with a post-apocalypse theme and back-story that set players on a quest for survival. It takes place after an asteroid hits earth, thus triggering global desertification. The impact also brought other threats with it.

Due to reactive ores, mutant creatures now roam everywhere, and ancient beasts buried deep underground have awoken. Many of the colossus monsters ended up in the hands of an evil organization named Shadow Corps. It used these beasts to revolt against governments, bringing civilization as we know it to an end.

In the game, you play as Captain Brian, who is on a mission to build a safe haven and redeem the world. Together with your mutated pet gorilla Mike and other allies, you will wage war on the Shadow Corps, all while trying to survive in the arid desert.

Construct Your Base

Developing a stronghold is one of the core activities that will take up much of your time in Age of Colossus. There are so many areas of the base to manage. For starters, you have to keep improving production facilities. These structures mint oil, electricity, water, chips, food, steel, and rare earth.

Some of the structures for self-sufficiency include the farm, food storeholds, water filters, and reservoirs. You can also improve the transport infrastructure by building and removing roads.

In no time, your base will have barracks, a defense tower, a garage, as well as factories for manufacturing tanks, helicopters, war trucks, among other military facilities. Additionally, you can unlock decorative landscape options and structures for your alliances and heroes.

Building the base requires residents. Survivors who have had their strongholds destroyed will come to join your camp. The game gives you options to build and upgrade houses and a mess hall to attract more residents. Some of the survivors can also become heroes for the base camp to serve as lieutenants, expedition chiefs, and so forth.

Defeat Mutant Creatures

The arid deserts in Age of Colossus are hostile lands. Threats abound everywhere. As a result, you have to defend your base at all costs.

Once set up, the beast base is where you will breed, feed, train, and raise your army of vicious monsters from young cubs to adulthood. These tamed freaks of nature attack other mutant creatures to obtain reactive ores that you can feed to them to unlock new skills.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Age of Colossus on PC

• Speed Up Construction

Building & repairs take time to complete. The wait time can range from a few seconds to several minutes to hours or even a whole day. However, these processes instantly complete if you consume the red gems. You can also reduce the construction, repair, and upgrade time for structures by using speed-up tickets. Some shave off 1, 5, and 15 minutes while others reduce the time by 1-hour, 8-hours, or even a day.

Also, sometimes a golden bubble can appear on top of structures currently under development or being upgraded. Clicking it orders the beasts to help with construction. Therefore, make sure to take advantage of this option when it appears. It will help you to get things done a bit faster.

• Join an Alliance

One of the fun features that Age of Colossus offers is the ability to team up with other commanders and form an alliance. Allies help each other to reduce construction time and with resources. You can donate to the Alliance Parliament. Once this structure is up and running at your base, make sure to upgrade it continually. The higher its level, the higher the speed-up boost you will receive.

Right after joining an alliance, new members receive a free reward of 200 gems. It remains available for claiming in the alliance mail for a limited period, so you have to collect it on time before expiry.

Additionally, alliance members are eligible to collect salary chests. However, they also have to meet the attendance requirements for a particular day. Once salary chests become available for claiming, they usually contain gems and other goodies.

• Build the Construction Booster

The construction booster is a structure that gives you a building bonus to speed things up a little. You will need to activate the Luxury Privilege to unlock it. It is also possible to upgrade the structure. The higher the level, the more the bonus percentage it will provide.

Remember to assign the hero known as Master: Builder Daniel to the Construction Booster building. He has construction-related skills and commissions related to this specific structure, which will provide your base with significant building speed bonuses.

• Maximize Your Resource Collection & Production

Besides joining an alliance and relying on what your base can produce, there are ways to get more resources. For one, there is the option to attack bases of other commanders and plunder everything worth taking. Secondly, you can send out marching queues to fight off Shadow Corps and Sandworms in the field or search for resource spots outside your base-camp.

You can also build a Caravan Helipad after upgrading your base to level-5. It is a spot for selling excess resources for gold. And, upon reaching level-10, you will unlock free exchange of any existing resources.

Lastly, make sure to participate in events and enhance your production and resource-tech buildings.

How to play

How to play Age of Colossus on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Age of Colossus Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Age of Colossus on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Age of Colossus:

Are you looking for a base-building war-strategy game that offers something unique? Why not try Age of Colossus? It is about trying to survive in arid deserts with an army of your own mutant beasts ready to wage war on the evil Shadow Corps. You will breed, train, and raise mutant creatures to serve at your beck & call when it comes to building the base and fighting off threats. Endless adventure awaits in this game, where you get to raid camps of other commanders, fight alongside allies, and build an unstoppable empire. Download it on PC to have plenty of fun on a bigger screen.

Developer: Star Wings
Download: Android or iOS

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