Adventure Reborn: for PC – Story Game Point and Click

Captivating Story

Adventure Reborn is yet another immersive title from Dali Games for point & click story adventure fans who love a scintillating plot. Like their other games, this release will captivate you with chapters shrouded in mystery, twists, and turns.

It is set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world where the Crow cult is out to get you. You go about trying to unravel the truth behind a series of strange plagues wreaking havoc across the world.

The character you play is called Hope, a young girl trying to escape with her parents. Will she find them again once they get kidnapped? Why is Dr. Frank sending his minion to capture her? Will his sinister plans come to fruition? Find answers to the questions while constantly helping other characters in the story even when your life is in danger.

Point & Click Puzzle Game

In the Adventure Reborn game, characters in the story have conversations that appear through captions on the screen. So, the game plays out through scenes, much like in an animated comic book, only that you point & click to interact with your surroundings.

You can initiate various actions like moving closer to an area by clicking on a magnifying glass to investigate objects, picking items, or engaging with an object. You solve simple puzzles to advance the story.

Simple Yet Creative Audio Visual Effects

When it comes to the graphics, Dali Games went for a hand-drawn art style for this release. The dazzling cartoon-like visuals are not only creative but also treat players to some colorful locations.

Furthermore, music soundtracks in the background set the mood for the various scenes that play out. In some cases, voice acting brings the game to life. The various characters you will meet along the way all have their unique voice, making the experience all the more authentic.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Adventure Reborn on PC

• Ask for Hints

When feeling stuck as you play Adventure Reborn, there is no need to feel frustrated or resort to watching walkthrough videos that end up giving you spoilers. You can tap on the pager icon on the top right corner to request for clues. This will come in handy when you find an item and do not know how to use it.

• Memorize

A photographic memory will go a long way when it comes to playing this game. In many instances, you will have to memorize things. For instance, this could be a password or picture sequence that you have to put together.

• Pay Close Attention

A keen eye for details is the most important skill that you need to hone when playing Adventure Reborn. It is essential to take note of every tiny detail, however insignificant it might seem. Look in every corner when investigating to avoid missing anything.

• Install on PC

Are you eager to play Adventure Reborn game? Although designed for mobile platforms, playing the game on PC is also possible. Being a point & click game, it provides a simple and highly interactive interface that is easy to navigate with your mouse.

How to play

How to play Adventure Reborn: story game point and click on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Adventure Reborn: story game point and click Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Adventure Reborn: story game point and click on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Adventure Reborn: Story Game Point and Click:

Adventure Reborn is a point & click puzzle adventure game that offers a nice brain challenge coupled with an immersive story. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world. You help the main protagonist, a young girl, to unravel mysteries and defeat a secret sect. Playing is pretty straightforward since all you do is solve simple picture puzzles or look for items in your surroundings to accomplish tasks. As the story keeps advancing and you get to influence which direction it goes by making decisions at certain pivotal points. Overall, the game plot is full of twists & turns that will keep you hooked while the colorful and treacherous locations provide a thrilling adventure.

Developer: Dali Games
Download: Android or iOS

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