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How to play 2407 Racing on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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High-Speed Bike Racing Game 

2407 Racing is a simple bike racing game made for everyone – high-speed enthusiasts and curious newbies alike. Like any other racing game, play is as simple as swerving left and right when riding to avoid oncoming cars.

One thing you will NOT find in 2407 Racing is a storyline where you are either running from the cops, trying to catch up to some bad guys, or riding frantically to get to some essential destination. The focus of playing is just some good old-fashioned racing for the fun of it. So, ride extremely fast, and you will be on your way to some fantastic rewards.


Ride against the Backdrop of Realistic Mumbai Streets 

Another unique thing about 2407 Racing for PC is that play does not require you to sample from an array of motorbikes or work on upgrading your ride, as is usually the case with biker games. Instead, the game gets straight to the point by providing a bike and putting you on the road. Also, your view during play is from the perspective of a rider.

When it comes to visuals, the graphics are pretty good, with bright lighting and clear images. You also get a taste of realistic Mumbai streets (with sights of buildings, palm trees lined up on beach areas, and even bridges along highways), which create a feeling of real riding.


Aim to Top the Daily Leaderboards 

With 2407 Racing for PC, the race is on. The game features Daily and Lifetime leaderboards where the fastest riders are listed. Of course, getting to the top of the boards is the ultimate goal for every player. You not only earn bragging rights of being the best, but you also stand a chance of winning real-life rewards. For example, you can win free tickets to an epic FAM JAM (a get-together party consisting of family members), Fan-Zone tickets, and also the chance to meet the famous Team 07 Mumbai -based reality stars. The fan-zone ticket rewards are given every day to the top 25 players on the daily leaderboard while the five fastest players of all time (listed on the lifetime leaderboard) get the privilege of enjoying the other rewards.


Tips & Tricks for playing 2407 Racing on PC 

  • Stay the Countdown

2407 Racing is a high-speed game, so it is only right that there are high stakes added during play. At the top-left side of the game’s screen is a timer, which you must beat to win the round. Although the timer lasts for a short time (45s or so), holding on is not easy. The speed of your bike increases the longer you stay in the game, as does the number of vehicles you have to weave through. So, you will need to really dig in and move swiftly to win in this game.


  • Play Often

Whenever you have some free time, make sure to play this game because the more levels you clear, the higher your chances of topping the leaderboards. The great thing with this game is that it literally does not end since there are no levels or stages of play. Therefore, you can play for as long as you want.


  • Watch the entire Road Ahead

It goes without saying, but once you crash, you lose. Therefore, make it a point to watch the road as far ahead as you can see. If you take your eye off the ball, you can move left to avoid the car right in front of you, only to crash into another one a few paces ahead.


  • Connect to the Game’s Social Platforms

2407 is a social game with links to Facebook and Instagram. Connecting to these platforms allows you to share and watch videos/posts from other players as well as members of Team 07. The game’s social aspect is another way to show off your prowess by sharing screenshots of your best play and challenging friends to beat your score.


About 2407 Racing:

Although 2407 Racing is a product of Indian-based game developers Roosh Interactive, the game is designed to target fans of Team 07 from all over the world. The 5 members of the group make up the game’s cover and are featured in game commentary through voice-overs. All the same, anybody can play the game thanks to simple controls. It is super easy to play and is fast paced enough to pump up your adrenaline.

Developer: Roosh Interactive
Download: Android or iOS

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