12 LOCKS 3: Around the World for PC (Windows / Mac)

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How to play 12 LOCKS 3: Around the world on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Adventurous Escape Game

RUD Present has finally released the third installment of 12 Locks, a super fun game that can get quite addictive if you like to solve tricky puzzles. It’s available on Google Play, but you will also be able to install 12 Locks 3: Around the World for PC using the simple steps described on this page.

For those who are not aware of this series, 12 Locks is an escape game where you must find a set of keys to unlock a door. Apparently, one of the protagonists keeps locking entries and exits with a dozen padlocks. As a result, this bad habit is constantly getting the characters of this game trapped. So, they are counting on your detective skills to save the day.

Unlike in the previous releases, the third version of 12 locks offers more locations to explore. Therefore, that means you won’t just be trying to escape from rooms. Join Lisa and her father as they take a trip around the world. Help them find a way out in outer space, the Wild West, underwater, and other interesting rooms.

Solve Puzzles, Find Keys

You will have lots of puzzles to solve once you install 12 Locks 3: Around the World on PC or mobile. Each level presents you with a photo of a scene where there is a closed door. To unlock it, you have to find a dozen keys.

Each key will unlock a padlock of the corresponding color. However, finding keys is the tricky part. Sometimes you have to poke around the scene to see if any boxes or animated objects and creatures will produce a key. On the other hand, you may have to complete mini-quests such as matching colors or solving slide-puzzles to get keys.

Simple Yet Adorable Graphics

12 Locks sets itself apart from other similar games in this genre when it comes to the theme and art-style. For instance, you are not trying to run for your life as is the case with many horror escape room games. Instead, it’s all fun and games as you get to join Lisa and her dad on their adventures.

What’s more, the game features a cartoon-like plasticine art-style and funny music. Besides complementing the lighthearted theme of the game, the 2D graphics won’t require a high-end device or gaming PC.

Tips & Tricks for Playing 12 LOCKS 3: Around the World on PC

  • Request for Help

If you are unable to open any locks, don’t get frustrated. You can always watch an ad to automatically unlock the padlocks. Bear in mind, though, that you will have to watch one advertisement video for every lock that you opt to seek assistance to open.

  • Explore the Scene

It is essential to explore each scene because that is how you get to discover keys. Don’t restrict your search to one place. Instead, swipe/scroll across the screen to see if there are hidden places that you have not checked. You’ll be surprised to find that the scenes tend to be larger than they look. Remember, tap every item you come across since a key might just pop out of items you never expected could be hoarding one.

  • Unlock Electric Locks

Besides padlocks, you will also encounter electric locks. It is easy to identify them because each one has a keypad. Consequently, these types of locks don’t open using a physical key. Instead, you need to punch in the passcode. Generally, it is a three or four-digit code. Most of the time, it can be lying in plain sight. Therefore, you just have to look for a string of numbers in the current image.


About 12 LOCKS 3: Around the World:

12 Locks 3: Around the World is the third installment in RUD Present's series of what has become a popular escape room game with fun puzzles to solve. You will join Lisa & her dad as they journey around the globe. This time, there are four locations to escape from, including the Wild West, space, and underwater. Find keys for up to 12 locks at each level, and the next location will unlock. What's more, playing the game is super easy thanks to simple controls. If you love fun yet challenging puzzles, then this game is for you.

Developer: RUD Present
Download: Android or iOS

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